Special pooja is offered on all the Sankramam days (last day of the Malayalam month) in the temple, on which day the sanctum sanctorum is opened and pooja conducted. This day "Anna Prasadam" is provided to thousands of devotees present in the temple.

"Puna Prathishtta Dinam" is being celebrated on 16th Makaram and the yearly Uthsavam of the temple is celebrated on 16th, 17th and 18th of this Month. The celebration is enriched with various cultural programs. In the evening of the first day of the Uthsavam there will be Kootiyattam of the Shri Thundikkoth Bhagavathi and Velichapadu. Second day, Thottam and Kootiyattam is performed followed by Vellattam of karanavar theyyam.

On all these days "Anna Prasadam" is provided to the entire devotees who come for the blessing of Bhagavathi.

Apart from these, Vishu, Karkitaka Vavu, Durgashttami, Mahanavami, Vijayadashami, Puthari Adiyanthiram are also solemnized in the temple.

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